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N00b question: Is there anyway to use a nonsmart TV ...


Using CEC, I connect Raspberry Pis to each of my TVs and control via remote ssh commands.. Check out my gist for example code. Almost all TVs with HDMI have CEC control (with few exceptions). Install the cecutils package on a Raspberry Pi and play around with some commands.. However, a Broadlink IR device can be around 20 or less on eBay, even …

TV 360 IR Control Media Community 4547205


Dec 30, 2020· I have a Smart IR blaster, which allows me to control various home products via my google home devices, and overnight, I appear to have lost the ability to control the box using this tool, after upgrading to TV 360. Does anyone know if I can still control the TV360 box using IR as well as BT (I know the box is capable, as it''s still the ...

Harmony Elite not working so well with new Sony Smart TV ...


Dec 18, 2020· Instead, I added the device as an IR Control, by just typing in the brand/model and adding it that way. So far this seems to be working, albeit with the caveat that it requires lineofsite from the Harmony Hub to the TV''s IR sensor. This could be a hassle for some (and probably will be for me in the future when I get a new enterainment center).

How to Connect a Security Camera to a TV Monitor


Connect CCTV Camera to TV. Here is an installation diagram that shows how an analog CCTV camera can be directly connected to a TV / monitor. This is how it works. The CCTV camera video out and power in connected to a premade Siamese security camera cable. Cable cut from a spool of RG59 Siamese cable can also be used.

IR Extender for Wireless Box? | ATT Community Forums


Jun 03, 2015· You can get many IR to IR extenders with the connection between the two, either RF or wired. The most elegant solution is a new samsung TV with the IR extender built in. Another super solution is a Logitech Harmony Smart Control. The hand held remote communicates wireless to a hub that blasts rock solid IR for the TV anything in the room.

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control no longer works with ...


Dec 01, 2019· So, I moved the hub to have a straight line of view to the TV (through the glass door on the furniture). This now works. However, I can still block the output of the hub, but walk up to the TV and point the Harmony remote directly at the IR sensor of the TV, and I cannot control the TV with the remote.

How to connect Bluetooth keyboard to NonBluetooth Smart TV?


Jan 03, 2021· Several weeks ago I bought a 40" Samsung Smart TV including a bluetooth keyboard (Logitech K480) at the same store. I just realized if there''s no bluetooth installed on these TV. I wonder if there''s any bluetooth adapter capable to add devices without installing any driver so I can use my Logitech bluetooth keyboard with no ease.

How to use an TV PowerDown plug with a Logitech ...


Jan 15, 2012· The first thing you need to do is obviously plug your TV in to the master socket on the TV PowerDown plug and then plug the plug in to the mains socket on the wall and position the IR sensor thingy. 2. The next thing you need to do is program the plug with a remote control command which will turn it on and therefore TV standby ...

How do I get my Vizio remote to work?


How do I check the remote control sensor on a TV? You can use the TV’s stock remote control to check if the TV’s IR port is working by using the remote to turn the set on or off. The TV’s IR port works if it responds to remote commands. The TV needs to be powered for the test to work.

What IR blasters are and why you need them | logi BLOG


Sep 29, 2017· For the IR blaster to work, you need to first pair it with your smart TV system and other devices you want to control. One of the several advantages of IR blasters is that you do not need to have a direct contact with your TV system to control it. Just the IR blasters and the hub they are connected to need to be close to your smart TV system.

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