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MasterTemp Heater Installtion and User''s Guide (04/07/06)


• the stack flue sensor (SFS), which shuts down the heater if the flue gas temperature reaches 500° F (260° C). The air flow switch (AFS) senses the pressure drop across the air metering orifice. As soon as there is sufficient air flow, the AFS closes, closing the circuit to the hot surface igniter (HSI), which ignites the fuel mixture.

Pentair MasterTemp StaRite MaxETherm Air Flow Switch ...


MasterTemp Low Nox Propane Gas 250k BTU 460733. Replacement Parts. MasterTemp Low Nox Propane Gas 400k BTU | 460737. Replacement Parts. OVERVIEW. For Use With: MaxETherm Air Flow Switch 420010061S. Brand: Pentair. Q A. Powered by TurnTo.

Air flow fault light on ignition module. changes air ...


May 12, 2012· Air flow fault light on ignition module. changes air pressure switch and circuit board. Anything else I should Answered by a verified Pool and Spa Expert. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. ... I have a pentair mastertemp 400 heater that will heat fine.

Pentair Mastertemp 400 Common Problems: How To Solve Them?


Jul 16, 2021· The Pentair Mastertemp 400 is a heater that is used to warm water in swimming pools, as well as in spas. Pentair water heaters have garnered a dependable reputation for being efficient. Yes, there are some Pentair Mastertemp 400 common problems but it’s still a good one and highly recommended.

: Pentair 471603 Electrode Flame Sensor ...


Pentair 420020024S Stack Flue Sensor Replacement Pool and Spa Heater Electrical Systems Pentair 472447 Digital Module Ignition Control Replacement MiniMax Pool and Spa Heater ARU Thermal Regulator 777070010 Replace for Pentair Compatible with All SR200, SR333, and SR400 Models and MasterTemp Pool and spa heaters

The Most Common Swimming Pool Heater Problems


Aug 08, 2018· Pentair Master Temp 400. No service system or service heater lights. No codes lit on back of the board. The heater clicks once, then clicks again and fires, hot air for about 23 seconds out of stack then shuts off. Attempts to fire again. Same thing. Water flow is fine. Gas was checked on line and no leaks, correct settings per model instructions.



Re. P 82020 MASTERTEMP Pool and Spa Heater Installation and User’s Guide 65 MASTERTEMP HEATER REPLACEMENT PARTS ... 12 Air Flow Switch 420010061S 13 RS485 Control board Membrane Pad Combo kit 1 461105 ... 15 Heater, Top 420020034Z Membrane Pad (NA, LP Series) (Legacy) 472610Z 17 Stack Flue Sensor 1 420020024S 12 …

Pentair StaRite MiniMax Heater Parts


MaxETherm MasterTemp Heater Stack Flue Sensor 420020024S Add to cart. ... Add to cart. StaRite MaxETerm Heater Air Flow Switch 420010061S Add to cart. Pentair Switch Air Pressure 472182 Add to cart. Pentair Max E Therm Pool Heater Switch Membrane 420020029z ... Pentair MaxiTherm MasterTemp 400 Flameholder ...

: Pentair 420020024S Stack Flue Sensor ...


This stack flue sensor is designed to use with Pentair MasterTemp pool and spa heater electrical systems. Also fits Pentair StaRite MaxETherm pool and spa heater electrical systems model SR200, SR333, SR400. Measures 6inch length by 6inch height by 6inch width.

Air flow error light on Master Temp 400 heater | Trouble ...


Jul 10, 2015· May 31, 2013. 45. SE Michigan. Jul 10, 2015. Add bookmark. 1. I just went to start my heater, and it would not fire. I removed the cover and saw the LED blinking once, which they say indicates an airflow problem. I ran the heater a few days ago, and everything was fine.

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