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Monosaccharides Yield Higher Fermentation Rates than ...


lactose, glucose, or deionized water. The relative amounts for each group can be seen in Table 1 in the appendix. Once the solution was added, we began to collect data points at a rate of 10 seconds/sample using the LoggerPro carbon dioxide sensor. We will be measuring the rate of fermentation through carbon dioxide production for all three ...

Lactase Enzyme Lab Make Social Graphics, Short Videos ...


Skim Milk: this solution contains the lactose. 3. Sucrose Solution: Add 5 grams of sugar to 100mL of distilled water. Using a stirring rod, stir until the sugar has dissolved. LAB PROCEDURE 1. Label the test tubes with the following labels: A) Test tube with skim milk and enzyme solution. B) Test tube with skim milk and distilled water. C) Test tube with sucrose solution and enzyme …

Total Dissolved Solids


When yeasts respire aerobically, oxygen gas is consumed and carbon dioxide, CO2, is produced. You will use a CO2 Gas Sensor to monitor the production of CO2 as yeast respires using different sugars. The four carbohydrates that will be tested are glucose, starch, fructose, and lactose. OBJECTIVES. In this experiment, you will. Use a CO2 Gas Sensor to measure …

How do you make a lactose solution? Answers


20111220· The GP can do a simple test where you drink a cup of lactose solution (tastes fairly sweet as it is milk sugar) then every 10 mins your lactose …

Create Your Own CO2 Monitor | Sensirion


Launch the CO2 Monitor. 1. Open the Arduino IDE. 2. Go to: File > Examples > Sensirion Gadget BLE Lib > Example2_SCD30_BLE_Gadget. 3. Make sure the ESP32 is connected to your computer. 4. Press the Upload button on the top left corner of the Arduino IDE.

Homemade CO2 Sensor Unit |


20191030· After reading this tutorial you will be able to build your own CO2 sensor unit and regulate the level of fresh air at your apartment, office, classroom or wherever. What you will learn in this project: The following instructions are provided to assist you in developing this CO2 sensor unit that can: Measure the CO2 levels in the air.



production in glucose, sucrose, water, and lactose solutions. There was a significant effect of different sugars in a solution on rate of CO2 production between the 4 conditions; [F (3,12)= ; p= A Turkey’s pairwise test revealed the rate of CO2 production was statistically lower in H2O than glucose (p= E

Exploring Cellular Respiration by Measuring CO2 Production


20131118· After the incubation period, one milliliter of the yeast mixture was added to the respiration chamber and the CO2 sensor was set up to record CO2 produced at a rate of six times per minute for four minutes. Once the four minutes were completed, the CO2 sensor was removed to allow it to reset. This was repeated for the remaining two test tubes measuring …

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